Visual Analyzer

My favorite free oscilloscope program just got better. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m sure I’ll be mentioning again some time in the future. Visual Analyzer is free and has been upgraded so if you’ve already got it you should probably download it again. The site is in Italian, just look in the top left corner of the browser window and click “Download VA 7.0.5”

The coolest new feature is the ability to create sounds composed of multiple waves of different frequencies and intensities. Why would you do this? Picture playing a sound from a musical instrument into the scope. Capture the different harmonics the instrument creates and then use VA to simulate the same sound. With each harmonic you add the sound made by the program should get closer and closer to the original.

I did have a problem with the new version though. There may be a conflict with my sound card. I’m going to run it by a computer nerd friend of mine to see if we can get it figured out. On my slightly older computer it ran without a hitch.

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