3D Printing Workshop


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Steve Dickie, Director of Instructional Technology, Divine Child High School
This workshop is for teachers who want to bring the excitement and opportunities afforded by 3D printers into their classrooms. No previous experience in 3D modeling is needed. Participants will learn about and work with free tools for creating and modifying 3D models while exploring project ideas covering concepts in science, math, design, programming, and entrepreneurship.
  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Makerbot Software
  3. Level Makerbot Build Plate and Load Filament
  4. Introduction to the Thingiverse
  5. Let’s Make Something
    • Use Tinkercad to customize a Phone Case
    • Use Tinkercad to make a Phone Stand
    • Can you make it?
      • How much support will be needed?
      • Orientation matters
      • Would it be better to print in multiple pieces?
  6. Interesting Project Ideas
  7. 123D Design
    • Quick Overview – A lot of similarities with Tinkercad
    • Make Your Own Wind Puzzle Modeled after the one on Thingiverse
  8. OpenSCAD