Chapter 7 – Lets Make some Noise

In this section we will look at how to make your Arduino play tones reminiscent of old video games. By old, I mean likely before you were born. You can find small speakers in the Black Case labeled “Regular Components”. You can insert wires into the connector so you can use the speaker with your Arduino. The tutorial below shows using a resistor with the speaker. You do not need to do this with these speakers. If you do, the sound will be too quiet.

Speaker with wires inserted for use with Arduino

Work through:
    • Work through: Tone Output Tutorial from ITP at NYU
      • Note: About half way down the page it prompts you to create a New Tab called pitches.h. You will also need to click on the “Click here to see pitches.h” and then copy all the stuff that shows up into your new tab.
      • Find a simple song (or piece of a song) and program the notes into arrays to play
      • In the final example on this page prompts you to use force sensitive resistors. You should instead use push buttons (changing the code accordingly) to make your organ.
    • Play Songs using RTTTL