New Version of Visual Analyzer

I’ve talked about Visual Analyzer in the past as being a great free oscilloscope/function generator program. The author has recently released another new version. He has also created an English language website. The previous site was in Italian and used frames. Someone told me the Italian site doesn’t work if you use Safari (Macintosh web browser). The English site is a very simple site with no frames.

Visual Analyzer can be downloaded from:

New Stuff in the new version and/or new stuff I’ve discovered that may have been in the previous version:

  • “Peak Hold” in the spectrum window. There is a check box in the spectrum window that will capture the peak frequencies. This is really helpful for sounds that are of very shot durations.
  • X-Y Graph: You can do an X-Y graph of the right and left channels. It’s been too long since I’ve used an actual oscilloscope to remember why you might want to do this.
  • My desktop computer had problems with VA 7.0. I have an Intel motherboard with an integrated sound card. VA 7.0 did no like this and I was only able to use the microphone as my input device. VA 8 has resolved this problem.

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