Arduino – eeePC Nightmare!!!

So, I decided to totally change the way I teach my electronics class. It will now center around the Arduino microcontroller, a platform that uses an Atmel ATmega 64/128 microcontorller. Anyway, I don’t really have enough laptops to go around, so I scrounged some funds together and bought two of the Asus eeePC 2G Surfs. I figured these would be just about perfect.

Problem #1: Java, which is needed for Arduino doesn’t come on the 2G Surf. So, after searching for a way to get it on the 2G Surf for a few hours I find it. It installs and all is good.

Problem #2: To really make the Arduino sing I also need Processing. Unfortunately there’s not enough room left to fit it.

Problem #3: After a bit more searching I find a way to delete stuff I’m never going to need (like Chinese language support) from the eeePC. Unfortunately this makes no space available to me.

Apparently there are two main partitions on the eeePC. One for the user to do whatever they want and one that the user really can’t touch. All the programs come installed in the one the user really can’t touch.

Solution? After maybe 10 hours yesterday and another 7 hours today I think I may have this licked. I’ll write up process and post it to FLOSScience for those interested. If I’m right I should be able to capture am image of my one working one and put it on the other one. This would take less than 5 minutes, otherwise I’ll be looking at at least another 2-3 hours to get the other one set.

Better Solution? Get the 4G version ($50 more).

2 thoughts on “Arduino – eeePC Nightmare!!!”

  1. Hi. If you’re teaching a class, I’d like to make a suggestion. I’d refrain from using the phrase “Arduino microcontroller” as it is incorrect. The Arduino itself utilizes a microcontroller, the Atmel ATmega 64/128 to be exact, depending on your model of Arduino. I would refer to the Arduino as a platform instead.

    Just my two cents that might help the new guys from getting confused in the future.

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