GeoGebra and iBooks?

If you follow my blog you know I’m a big fan of  the new iBooks and iBooks Author. What I wanted to mention today is a cool tool called GeoGebra.

“GeoGebra is free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. It has received several educational software awards in Europe and the USA.”

 It’s pretty cool. After playing with it a little I see some real potential here not only for math, but also science. Below is an interactive I made after playing for only a few minutes. It models a position time graph for an object moving with a constant velocity. You can change the Velocity or the Starting Position (xo).

It literally took me no more than ten minutes to make this having never worked with GeoGebra before. Anyway I was looking at GeoGebra as a way of creating interactive content for iBooks. Anthony DiLaura (@anthonydilaura) has been doing this already. He uses Tumult Hype to take GeoGebra output and get it into a widget for embedding in iBooks. I’ve come up with a slightly different way and easier way, but Anthony’s way is better in some ways.

In order to put your GeoGebra Content into iBooks Author you must:

  1. Download a Beta Version of GeoGebra (4.2 or 5.0) and create your interactive
  2. File->Export as “Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage (html)”
  3. Click on the “Export as Webpage” Button
  4. Click on Advanced (near the center of the window)
  5. Set width to 820 and height to 520
  6. Place a checkmark in the Export to HTML5 box
  7. Then Export. Save as index.html somewhere you can find it
  8. Download my sample widget and unzip.
  9. Replace my index.html with your index.html
  10. Rename the sample folder to: your name.wdgt (Adding the wdgt will turn the folder into a widget file. You can access the individual files again by right clicking on the widget file and selecting “Show Package Contents”)
  11. Embed your widget in iBooks!

I should note one thing. This method will only work if you have an internet connection to the iPad when you’re using it. I have been a bit daunted when it comes to making offline widgets. Check out this discussion forum if you want to try to create widgets for offline use.

There is a lot of potential in GeoGebra. Not just for me as an educator to make interactive elements for my students, but for my students to create them as well. I really wish I discovered this at the beginning of summer rather than the end…

One thought on “GeoGebra and iBooks?”

  1. To my mind during the last couple of centuries many changes have been made in a scientific field of our life. Now the motivation of students that prepare sample papers on there for the first time or even on a daily basis can make them think in alternative way and meaning.

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